May 3, 2013

A thought about E-Commerce

This is my second semester of my third year and that is mean I only need one year more to complete my degree. In this semester I need to take a subject named as E-commerce. E-commerce actually is a short form from electronic commerce and for me for the first time I heard it I define it as a process of buying and selling in the internet.
     At the first class of this subject I come will a lot of curiosity about who is going to teach me this subject and since I am already at the third year of my study I have met a variety type of lecturers and for the first impression of my e-commerce lecturer is oh she is young and she is so simple but of course she is a person that is punctual. Before this every class that start at 8 in the morning will have a lecturer that do not so care about what time we will reach but in this class we need to come at 8. So me and my friends decide to be punctual this semester and we did it.
    This subject for me is more about theory that I need to understand and remember. Although I can not get a good result in the Test, I hope I can score my final and have a good carry mark that can support my mark soon.

my short story

I was born on the 17th day in the month of July on the year of 1991. I am the third child in the family of three children. That means I am the youngest child in the family. I have one brother and one sister in the siblings. Although I am the youngest but my parents do not pamper me more than other sibling since small. My parents always be fair with us so that we grown up very well. Both of my parents were already in their fifty years old and plus and glad to Allah they are healthy and still can working as usual.

Since small I always proud my parents with my success in study. However I feel a lot of disappointment when I came to university I do not get the result that make my parents proud of me. I promise to myself that I will work harder in my practical time and will do a great final year project to make sure I will have a good work in future although my result could not impress anyone. I want to repay my parents with getting a good work. InsyaAllah.

h.u.s.n.a =)